Managing Stock Status Settings

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Go to the WooCommerce Dashboard > Settings > Product > Inventory Page

From the Inventory Page The low and out-of-stock thresholds, whether or not out-of-stock items are displayed in the store, and how stock status is displayed in your store can all be customized by simply selecting the options from the selections.

Inventory page

Bulk Management

Go to Products > All Products and click on multiple products

Click on the Bulk Actions dropdown and change it to Edit and then click Apply

Bulk action

A bulk editing menu will appear. Click on the dropdown menu, select Manage Stock and switch it to Yes. You will have now enabled individual stock management for all the selected products.

Manage stock

Sold Individually

If you wish to sell just one item at a time, go to a product’s Edit page and navigate to the Inventory screen. Then, click on the checkbox for Sold Individually. The product level stock management feature does not need to be enabled for this.

Sold individually
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